Apr 29, 2011

"Spring for the Little Pebble" has sprung !

GLOBAL PRESS RELEASE! - April 25, 2011

Mother Mary once made Bernadette Soubirous eat grass and wash her face with mud. Likewise, Mother Mary of Terasawa told us to eat snow and wash our faces with snow. We did exactly what She told us to do, and got back home. Then, water welled up. Each of us has received heavenly gifts the spring of water is giving.

The gifts given will vary according to the degree of trust in me and Father Jean Marie.

I'd like you to keep in mind that the water doesn't have any medical properties at all.
Those who really trust in me will receive God's gifts abundantly, but those who don't trust very much will receive accordingly.

For example, a person will certainly be healed of sickness, emotional wounds, sitophobia or hyperphagia, psychopathy, and diabetes. The blind will come to see, and the deaf will come to hear. People with physical disability will come to walk, and people afflicted with a skin disease will be cured. In addition, brain diseases and even MELAS will be healed. Moreover, Fibromyalgia will be cured.

The members of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai and the person who are called to be a priest will surely receive the Gift.

Clara-Josefa-Menendez, Maria-Antonia-Margarita-Maria-Alacoque, and Marie-Madeleine-Daniel will be given a physical body as young as fifteen years old, as "a recovery to the beauty of Eve of Eden". And Marie-Madeleine-Daniel will become able to see on May 1st.

However, the water is not a medicine. That is a Gift, from God to those who have trust in me and Father Jean-Marie, given as a reward for the trust.

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Dec 11, 2010

Open letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Your death is close. It will be next year. You will die in 2011. I want you to do what you must do.

Nov 17, 2010

URGENT! To the South Korean President Lee Myung Bak! November 15, 2010

"North Korean troops invade South Korea soon!"

Someone please tell this message to President!

Oct 26, 2010

Luisa Piccarreta was a "false seer"!

We issue a statement publicly and demand the following things.

(1) The Vatican cancel the tittle of "Servant of God" which the Vatican conferred upon Luisa Picarreta.

(2) The Vatican canonize Maria Valtorta.

Sep 8, 2010

Direct Appeal Pope Benedict XVI  !

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